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EP1C12Q240C8 S.M.D.
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產品上架時間 2007 九月 17 週一.

EP1C12Q240C8 Introduction

The Cyclone® field programmable gate array family is based on a 1.5-V,
0.13-μm, all-layer copper SRAM process, with densities up to
20,060 logic elements (LEs) and up to 288 Kbits of RAM. With features like
phase-locked loops (PLLs) for clocking and a dedicated double data rate
(DDR) interface to meet DDR SDRAM and fast cycle RAM (FCRAM)
memory requirements, Cyclone devices are a cost-effective solution for
data-path applications. Cyclone devices support various I/O standards,
including LVDS at data rates up to 640 megabits per second (Mbps), and
66- and 33-MHz, 64- and 32-bit peripheral component interconnect (PCI),
for interfacing with and supporting ASSP and ASIC devices. Altera also
offers new low-cost serial configuration devices to configure Cyclone

EP1C12Q240C8 Features

The Cyclone device family offers the following features:
■ 2,910 to 20,060 LEs, see Table 1–1
■ Up to 294,912 RAM bits (36,864 bytes)
■ Supports configuration through low-cost serial configuration device
■ Support for LVTTL, LVCMOS, SSTL-2, and SSTL-3 I/O standards
■ Support for 66- and 33-MHz, 64- and 32-bit PCI standard
■ High-speed (640 Mbps) LVDS I/O support
■ Low-speed (311 Mbps) LVDS I/O support
■ 311-Mbps RSDS I/O support
■ Up to two PLLs per device provide clock multiplication and phase
■ Up to eight global clock lines with six clock resources available per
logic array block (LAB) row
■ Support for external memory, including DDR SDRAM (133 MHz),
FCRAM, and single data rate (SDR) SDRAM
■ Support for multiple intellectual property (IP) cores, including
Altera® MegaCore® functions and Altera Megafunctions Partners
Program (AMPPSM) megafunctions.