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101(+)#0*3.2*75mm 十字彩條起子【限量5支】

$ 50.0 元
$ 35.0 元

SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino 工具箱【剩1個】
售價 : NT
$ 3,100.0 元
$ 2,000.0 元
製造商 :sparkfun
產地: 0
適用運送方式 : 7-11取貨付款,7-11純取貨,郵寄(單一運費),貨運,宅配,貨到付款,7
出貨時程: 【現貨+預購】如遇缺貨,預購交期為4~10個工作天(不含例假日)   

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產品上架時間 2013 二月 01 週五.


This is the 'retail' version of the SparkFun Inventor's Kit (SIK). This version comes with the new and improved carrying case seen in the pictures, where the standard version does not come with a case. You can buy the case separately (check the related products below) though if you wish.
zOMG! This kit has all the things! It includes the Arduino Uno R3, the new and improved baseplate, and all the sensors you can shake a stick at. The SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino is a box of goodies to get the very beginner started with programmable electronics. It includes all the bits you need to build a series of basic circuits, no soldering required!
On top of that, we've created a brand new and improved edition of the full-color SIK manual! Updated graphics, code revisions and in-depth instruction have been added to make learning basic electronics even easier! Make your way through the example circuits and you'll learn all about:

  • Blinking LEDs
  • Controlling a toy motor
  • Controlling a servo
  • Making (bad) music
  • Responding to buttons
  • Twisting a volume knob
  • Detecting ambient light
  • Reading temperature
  • Controlling big devices
  • Mixing LED colors
  • More!

Once you've mastered the above concepts, you'll be ready to design and build your own circuits, so why not get started now?


No soldering required. We recommend this kit for beginners ages 10 and up.

Kit includes

  • Arduino Uno R3
  • Arduino and Breadboard Holder
  • New and Improved SIK Manual
  • New and Improved SIK Carrying Case
  • Translucent Red Bread Board
  • 74HC595 Shift Register
  • 2N2222 Transistors
  • 1N4148 Diodes
  • DC Motor with wires
  • Small Servo
  • 5V Relay
  • TMP36 Temp Sensor
  • Flex sensor
  • Softpot
  • 6' USB Cable
  • Jumper Wires
  • Photocell
  • Tri-color LED
  • Red and Yellow LEDs
  • 10K Trimpot
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • Big 12mm Buttons
  • 330 and 10K Resistors




單面玻纖洞洞板5×7CM 萬用板 線路板 實驗板 試驗板
$ 8.0 元
1 x '單面玻纖洞洞板5×7CM'
KH-102 一片式麵包板
$ 95.0 元
1 x 'KH-102 一片式麵包板'
Microcontroller with Bytes In-System Programmable Flash
$ 55.0 元
1 x 'ATmega328P-PU'
DE-14 口袋型萬用電錶
台灣製,電表,2000位數,讀值鎖定功能,DER EE
$ 629.0 元
1 x 'DE-14 口袋型萬用電錶'
$ 21.0 元
1 x '3P3段電源開關(圓型)'
洛克電源開關 ON-ON
$ 16.0 元
1 x '3P2段電源開關(圓型)'
船型 2腳 2檔 20mm 2段開關
$ 21.0 元
1 x '2P洛克電源開關(圓型)【限量】'
Thumb Joystick,按鍵搖杆,PS2遊戲搖桿,搖桿模組
$ 129.0 元
1 x '3D搖桿'