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Sensor Cable - Electrode Pads (3 connector)
$ 250.0 元

心率傳感器 (原裝)
售價 : NT$ 1,000.0 元
製造商 :sparkfun
產地: 0
適用運送方式 : 7-11取貨付款,7-11純取貨,郵寄(單一運費),貨運,宅配,貨到付款,7
出貨時程: 【現貨+預購】如遇缺貨,預購交期為4~10個工作天(不含例假日)   

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產品上架時間 2013 六月 21 週五.


Pulse Sensor

Description: Heart rate data can be really useful whether you're designing an exercise routine, studying your activity or anxiety levels or just want your shirt to blink with your heart beat. The problem is that heart rate can be difficult to measure. Luckily, the Pulse Sensor Amped can solve that problem!
The Pulse Sensor Amped is a plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino. It can be used by students, artists, athletes, makers, and game & mobile developers who want to easily incorporate live heart-rate data into their projects.It essentially combines a simple optical heart rate sensor with amplification and noise cancellation circuitry making it fast and easy to get reliable pulse readings. Also, it sips power with just 4mA current draw at 5V so it's great for mobile applications.
Simply clip the Pulse Sensor to your earlobe or finger tip and plug it into your 3 or 5 Volt Arduino and you're ready to read heart rate! The 24" cable on the Pulse Sensor is terminated with standard male headers so there's no soldering required. Of course Arduino example code is available as well as a Processing sketch for visualizing heart rate data.

Dimensions: 0.625" Diameter and 0.125" Thick

Kit Includes:

  • Pulse Sensor Board
  • 24-inch Color-Coded Cable with Standard Male Headers
  • Ear Clip for Earlobe Heart Rate Measurement
  • Velcro Finger Strap
  • Transparent Stickers to Protect Sensor






LiPower-Boost Converter 升壓轉換器
Boost Converter,TPS61200,0.3-5.5V
$ 590.0 元
1 x 'LiPower-Boost Converter 升壓轉換器'
JST 2.5 SM-2 Pin 母接頭 快速接頭 空中接頭 快拆接頭 台灣製 22AWG 線長45cm 對插線 NH2.5 母端子
$ 12.0 元
1 x '2條-2P快拆母接頭含線450mm+NH2.5'
Flex Sensor 2.2" Arduino SpectraSymbol Sparkfun 原裝 感測器
$ 275.0 元
1 x '彎曲傳感器2.2"'
TCRT5000 反射型光電感測器
光電傳感器 TCRT5000L 計數器 黑白線識別 Arduino 紅外線 傳感器 光電開關 碰撞偵測 反射式
$ 4.0 元
1 x 'TCRT5000 反射型光電感測器'
STEMTera for Arduino®(White)
ATmega16U2/32U2, 111.8mm x 79.8mm x 16.1mm 兼容Arduino®
$ 2,050.0 元
1 x 'STEMTera for Arduino®(White)'
Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display
$ 2,890.0 元
1 x 'Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display'
Stackable Header - 3 Pin (Female, 0.1")
單排母座,3 pin sparkfun
$ 40.0 元
1 x 'Stackable Header - 3 Pin (Female, 0.1")'
液位傳感器 Water Sensor 水深 雨水 水分 液滴
$ 25.0 元
1 x 'ARDUINO CGGS 水位感測'