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SSOP28LPIN 0.65mm 轉接板【限量4個】

$ 84.0 元
$ 50.0 元

SSOP to DIP Adapter 28-Pin
售價 : NT$ 99.0 元
製造商 :
適用運送方式 : 7-11取貨付款,7-11純取貨,郵寄(單一運費),貨運,宅配,貨到付款,7
出貨時程: 【現貨+預購】如遇缺貨,預購交期為4~10個工作天(不含例假日)   

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產品上架時間 2015 一月 29 週四.

SparkFun SSOP to DIP Adapter - 28-Pin

Description: 8, 16, 20, and 28-Pin SSOP to DIP break out boards. The footprint was rotated to accommodate different width SSOP devices and can be used with any pin count up to 28 pins. Designed to be used with 0.65mm pitch devices but can also be used with 0.025" pitch devices (comes out to ~0.635mm). We’ve made these 0.635mm devices fit just fine. Can be used with packages that have a lead span of .230" up to .350". Breaks out SSOP pins to standard .6" (600mil) and .3" (300mil) DIP width to be used in any DIP socket or bread board. The 8 and 16 boards have a 300mil spacing. The 20 and 28 pin boards have 600mil spacing between the DIP pins.
40 Pin break-away headers are perfect for use with these custom PCBs. Machine pin headers may be a better option for IC sockets. Pad layout fits all standard SSOP .65mm and can accommodate .635mm pitch devices.

  • 8-Pin : 0.5x0.5" (12.7x12.7mm)
  • 16-Pin : 0.5x1.0" (12.7x25.4mm)
  • 20-Pin : 0.7x1.0" (18x25.4mm)
  • 28-Pin : 0.7x1.4" (18x35.5mm)



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