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EL冷光驅動器 (電池盒AAx2)
$ 199.0 元

售價 : NT$ 315.0 元
製造商 :sparkfun
適用運送方式 : 7-11取貨付款,7-11純取貨,郵寄(單一運費),貨運,宅配,貨到付款,7
出貨時程: 【預購】下單後訂貨,交期約4~10個工作天,恕不退貨,敬請見諒。   

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產品上架時間 2015 四月 15 週三.


EL Wire - Fluorescent Green 3m (Chasing)


Description: EL wire, or electroluminescent wire, is a flexible wire coated in phosphor. Apply the appropriate voltage and it lights up! Each EL wire looks a lot like a thin flexible neon tube and they come in many bright colors which can be driven pretty easily with an inverter. As this is a “chasing” EL wire you will see the glowing fluorescent green light seem to move across the length of itself as if it were flowing out the end, this feature provides you to add some really fantastic lighting effects to your next project!

This particular wire is 3m (almost 10 feet) in length, 2.3mm in diameter and is terminated with a 4-pin JST SMP connector. Each EL wire is also designed to be driven at 3.3V with an inverter. The connector works perfectly with the inverter and pigtail that have come out with this EL wire line, which can both be found in the Recommended Productssection below.




EL冷光驅動器 (3V)
EL Inverter - 3v
$ 399.0 元
1 x 'EL冷光驅動器 (3V)'
EL Wire - Pink 3m

$ 315.0 元
$ 269.0 元
1 x 'EL冷光發光條3m(粉紅)【限量1個】'