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TIMESQUARE DIY Watch Kit-White Display Matrix
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產品上架時間 2016 六月 24 週五.

TIMESQUARE DIY Watch Kit - White Display Matrix (10:06)


Show up stylish AND on time to any event with this awesome looking DIY watch. We have a few watch kits here at Adafruit but we finally have one that looks good and fits well, even for ladies and kids and others with smaller wrists and hands. Its got a 8x8 bit matrix display and a repurposed silicone watch band for a professional look.

(gif is of the red color watch kit)
Note: As of October 22nd, 2015, this product no longer comes with 1x CR2032 coin cell battery.  We recommend you purchase a coin cell battery to use with this product.

64 LEDs light up to tell you the time in a variety of ways. Built into the kit are 3 different watch 'faces' - a scrolling marquee with time and date, a binary watch display (for geeks, robots and binary fans), and a moon phase display (for beach-combers, werewolves). There's also a built in battery meter so you can check your battery life. Want to make your own watch? Easy! The microcontroller is an Arduino-compatible, all you need is an FTDI Friend and the Arduino IDE and you can design your own watch faces and upload them to the TIMESQUARE.

Engineered for greatness by PaintYourDragon, this watch squeezes 500-1000 full time displays out of a coin battery, and a up to one year 'resting' lifetime, so you can use this as a day-to-day time keeper.

This watch comes with a ultra bright white LED matrix and a black silicone watch band that fits all wrists from children to adult.

The band is an "off-the-shelf" band that holds the watch in pretty well, we'll be creating other bands - the included band is to just get you started! This watch is meant to be hackable, from the software to the band!

This is a DIY kit, and requires some basic soldering/assembly to put together. It is a beginner kit, so this is a fine project to use in learning how to solder. Tools are not included, you'll need a soldering iron, solder and diagonal cutters as a minimum. Check the tutorial page for details on what tools and steps are required to assemble. Take about 1-2 hours to put together. Build it in the afternoon and you'll be done in time to hit the clubs in the evening.

For more information and downloads check out the page in the Adafruit Learning System.

*To show the watch "in action" photos above have the LEDs on with the lights lowered and added the on-wrist photos with photo taken with flash & studio lighting.


    • 8x8 ultra-bright white matrix display
    • ATmega328P chip with Arduino Bootloader
    • DS1337 real time clock
    • Note: As of October 22nd, 2015, this product no longer comes with 1x CR2032 coin cell batteries.

Read all about it at the Adafruit Learning System!


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