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Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5"壓力感測器 (100g-10kg)

$ 365.0 元
$ 188.0 元

Amphenol FCI Clincher Connector (2 Position, Female)
售價 : NT$ 95.0 元
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產品上架時間 2017 九月 05 週二.

These Clincher connectors from Amphenol FCI can be used to terminate Flat Flexible Cables (FFCs) to an easy-to-use standard header. Simply insert the end of the cable into the connector and press it closed. The teeth inside the connector will “clinch” around the conductors and break them out to two female 0.1" spaced pin headers!
Though the Clincher connector can be used with FFCs, we also like to use them with our FlexiForce sensors and other flex/force sensors found in the Recommended Products section below.

Note: Please be aware that we will not be able to accept returns on this connector if it has been closed. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Dimensional Drawing
Product Specification

  • Amphenol FCI Clincher Connector (2 Position, Male) x 1

Amphenol FCI Clincher Connector (2 Position, Male)
SparkFun, FCI, FFC, 連接器,2P 公
$ 95.0 元
1 x 'Amphenol FCI Clincher Connector (2 Position, Male)'
無線充電模塊- 5V/1A
Wireless Charging Module,無線充電模塊,感應充電
$ 335.0 元
1 x '無線充電模塊- 5V/1A'
Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5"壓力感測器 (100g-10kg)
電阻式 壓力感測器 力量傳感 力敏電阻 原裝

$ 365.0 元
$ 188.0 元
1 x 'Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5"壓力感測器 (100g-10kg)'
Force Sensitive Resistor SPARKFUN 原裝進口 力敏電阻 力量傳感器 Arduino Interlink FSR-400 0.2"
$ 180.0 元
1 x 'FSR400電阻式壓力傳感器(min:2g)'