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L293D ST 16PIN
$ 65.0 元

SN754410 DIP
售價 : NT$ 126.0 元
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產品上架時間 2009 九月 08 週二.


SN754410 Features

‧1-A Output-Current Capability Per Driver

‧Applications Include Half-H and Full-H

    Solenoid Drivers and Motor Drivers
‧Designed for Positive-Supply Applications

Wide Supply-Voltage Range of 4.5 V to 36 V

TTL- and CMOS-Compatible

    High-Impedance Diode-Clamped Inputs

Separate Input-Logic Supply

Thermal Shutdown

Internal ESD Protection
Input Hysteresis Improves Noise Immunity
3-State Outputs
Minimized Power Dissipation
Sink/Source Interlock Circuitry Prevents
    Simultaneous Conduction
No Output Glitch During Power Up or Power Down
Improved Functional Replacement for the SGS L293
SN754410 Pin Arrangement
SN754410 Datasheet:


Hook-Up Wire - Assortment (Solid Core, 22 AWG)
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1 x 'Hook-Up Wire - Assortment (Solid Core, 22 AWG)'
L298N 直流馬達驅動板
模塊 直流步進馬達 機器人 智能車 Arduino 雙H橋
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TB6612FNG 雙馬達驅動模組
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Solar Panel,5.5V/360mA
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1 x '太陽能板2W,80x180mm'
Solar Panel,5.5V/270mA
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太陽能板 3W 110x162mm
6V 單晶矽 SolarPanel
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太陽能 充電模組 單晶矽 太陽能電池板 SolarPanel 5.5V/170mA 電池板
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L528-4 多功能剝線鉗
MADE IN TAIWAN,電線剝皮鉗(電工用) 20-30AWG
$ 210.0 元
1 x 'L528-4 多功能剝線鉗'