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產品上架時間 2011 十一月 15 週二.

EPM570T144C5N Introduction

The MAX® II family of instant-on, non-volatile CPLDs is based on a 0.18-μm, 6-layermetal-
flash process, with densities from 240 to 2,210 logic elements (LEs) (128 to 2,210
equivalent macrocells) and non-volatile storage of 8 Kbits. MAX II devices offer high
I/O counts, fast performance, and reliable fitting versus other CPLD architectures.
Featuring MultiVolt core, a user flash memory (UFM) block, and enhanced in-system
programmability (ISP), MAX II devices are designed to reduce cost and power while
providing programmable solutions for applications such as bus bridging, I/O
expansion, power-on reset (POR) and sequencing control, and device configuration

EPM570T144C5N Features

The MAX II CPLD has the following features:
■ Low-cost, low-power CPLD
■ Instant-on, non-volatile architecture
■ Standby current as low as 29 μA
■ Provides fast propagation delay and clock-to-output times
■ Provides four global clocks with two clocks available per logic array block (LAB)
■ UFM block up to 8 Kbits for non-volatile storage
■ MultiVolt core enabling external supply voltages to the device of either 3.3 V/2.5 V or 1.8 V
■ MultiVolt I/O interface supporting 3.3-V, 2.5-V, 1.8-V, and 1.5-V logic levels
■ Bus-friendly architecture including programmable slew rate, drive strength,
    bushold,and programmable pull-up resistors
■ Schmitt triggers enabling noise tolerant inputs (programmable per pin)
■ I/Os are fully compliant with the Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group (PCI SIG)
   PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 2.2 for 3.3-V operation at 66 MHz
■ Supports hot-socketing
■ Built-in Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) boundary-scan test (BST) circuitry
   compliant with IEEE Std. 1149.1-1990
■ ISP circuitry compliant with IEEE Std. 1532

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